Sanyo Mini Fridge Review

sanyo mini fridge 1

Today we’re reviewing two models of Sanyo mini fridge: the Sanyo SR-2570M mini refrigerator, which is a 2.5 cu ft model; and the Sanyo SR-SR3770S mini refrigerator, which is a 3.6 cu ft counter high unit. Do these small refrigerators really keep food and beverages as cold as their full size counterparts? Click Here For The Best Prices I Can Find* The Sanyo SR-2570M mini fridge is Sanyo’s dorm size refrigerator. This is one of […] Read more »

Propane Weed Burners

weed torch

More homeowners are buying a propane weed torch to take out pesky weeds without herbicides. Do the Weed Dragon and other weed burners work as well as the manufacturers claim? Click Here For The Best Prices I Can Find* A weed burner works by using a propane flame to heat the moisture in the weed’s leaves and stems until the plant literally boils to death. The parts consist of a tubular wand with the flamer […] Read more »

Portable Garages, Canopies, and Carports


A portable garage, garage canopy, or metal carport can be an inexpensive alternative to putting up a permanent structure to house your car, boat, or camper. Are these temporary shelters a good investment compared to building a garage or pole barn? Click Here for a Great Source* Cost: A conventional two-car garage with a concrete floor costs a minimum of $10,000 to put up if you hire some or all of the labor. (If you […] Read more »

Trikke Bike Is a Great Workout


A Trikke* bike is actually a three-wheeled scooter that you power by pumping with your arms and legs. It looks like a walk in the park, but it gives you a great workout. Not only that, but it’s loads of fun. *Trikke is actually pronounced “trike” (like tricycle), not “tricky.” Shopping Guide – Best Prices and Selection The Trikke website does an OK job of showing off their goods, but it doesn’t explain why you […] Read more »

Powerball Gyroscopic Hand Exerciser


The Powerball gyroscopic hand exerciser is a cool-looking gadget that some people use as a toy, while others claim it helps them with common hand, wrist, and arm ailments. Read more to find out why “Powerballers” are so gung-ho about their sport. Click Here to Get the Powerball Direct from the Manufacturer with the Best Warranty I bought my Powerball in February 2009. I’ve been having trouble with de Quervain’s tendonitis for over a year […] Read more »

Dress Up Your Wood Stove with a Pipe Sham

stove pipe sham

Let’s face it, the stove pipe isn’t the prettiest part of a wood stove. Although it serves the important purpose of venting smoke and hot gases out of your home, it’s ugly and difficult to cover up. But now, manufacturers of wood stove accessories have come up with the solution to the problem: a stove pipe sham. Click Here for a Great Source* These attractive ornaments are made of sturdy wrought iron, often by Old […] Read more »

Home Tanning Beds Make Tanning More Convenient


For people who just have to have healthy, bronzed skin, home tanning beds are high on the must-have list. Although salon tanning has been popular for years, and is a $5 billion industry, the home tanning bed sector is a relative latecomer to the scene. One reason is price. A good home tanning bed starts at around $1,900—and the price goes up from there. Read more »

Does the Laser Comb for Hair Loss Really Work?


The Hairmax Laser Comb by Lexington LLC is a new device designed to treat male pattern baldness. The device is a hand-held red light laser unit that runs on household AC current. The built-in comb parts your existing hair so it can deliver a bath of low-level laser light directly to your scalp. If the device works as it’s supposed to, the laser stimulates your scalp to form more hair follicles and makes the hair […] Read more »

Solar Shingles Can Save You Money on Your Electric Bill


Recent advances in thin-film solar panel technology have given us solar shingles. These are lightweight, aesthetically pleasing mini-solar panels that look like regular shingles and that can be installed on part or all of your roof to collect solar power and turn it into electricity. Would this work for your home? Click Here for a Great Source* Solar power has been stalled for years with traditional crystalline silicon panels. Although they’re durable and efficient, they’re […] Read more »